Introducing our popular new frozen pizza, our latest product from Eric’s at Home range


Introducing our popular new frozen pizza, our latest product from Eric’s at Home range

Eric’s Pizza at Home

Our pizzas are par-baked in the on-site stone baked oven, then frozen. These artisanal, vibrant creations are sure to get your mouth watering. They take just 8 minutes to bake at home, yet taste and look just like they’ve come straight from the wood-fired pizza oven in the restaurant.

Eric’s Pizza at Home

Flavour combinations are traditional, with chef owner Eric Snaith and Head Pizza chef Fred Bambridge’s personal inspirational touch. Their ethos for all their culinary creations is to bring fine, carefully chosen ingredients and flavoursome combinations, to those that might not usually have access to them.

Lovingly hand-prepared pizza dough

The utmost respect for fine Italian food is carried throughout all aspects of the preparation. Dough is made to a traditional recipe, using 00 flour and fermented slowly. Eric and Fred have introduced an organic, non-pesticide local wheat/pulse blend of flour to slightly elevate the protein levels. This gives the yeast enough food to grow slowly over a longer period of time.

Three pizzas to go

There are 3 pizzas that have been launched in the newly developed range.

  1. Margherita
  2. Garlic pizza and
  3. Napoli Salami.
  1. Our version of the classic! Always the biggest seller, we make it with beautiful Fior di latte, Italian tomatoes, olive oil and fresh basil. Fior di latte is translated as “Flower of milk” meaning the finest quality of milk possible. The Mozzarella is cut into the baton shapes, traditional to this Neapolitan classic.
  2. A sweet sticky jam of brown sugared shallots cooked with balsamic, harmonises with garlic, herbs and Fior di latte, Garlic bread taken to another level.
  3. Eric’s own recipe of spiced honey, with authentic Napoli Salami for Eric and Fred’s classic Italian salami pizza, with a kick

Recent tasters have asked how is it possible to get a frozen pizza to taste and look just like it has been freshly cooked from a wood fired pizza oven from Eric’s restaurants. This is part of the process that took many weeks and months of tasting and reflection. It is the unique cooking, cooling and packing process that keeps it tasting fresh. And that, is perhaps the one thing that Eric and Fred will keep secret!!

Where can you find Eric’s frozen pizza?

We are widely available across East Anglia. The shops where we stock are expanding and changing all the time, so please do look out for us…

What other Eric’s at home products will be sold in future?

In future Eric and Fred plan to introduce two more pizzas to the range.

Right now, Head pizza chef Fred is lovingly working on some at home pizza products including:

  1. Raw Dough balls- Pack of 4 for home use – make your own pizza
  2. Raw Dough balls – Box of 30 for commercial sale
  3. Fresh hand made mozzarella cheese

Other products being developed for Eric’s at home range are

  1. Eric’s Fishcakes – Pack of 2 for home cooking
  2. Eric’s Curry Sauce Frozen 300g pouch
  3. Eric’s Mushy Peas Frozen 300g pouch