Wood fired, hand stretched pizza 

Using locally milled pizza flour, our pizza dough is fermented over 48 hours to create a light, highly digestible pizza with a deep, well developed flavour.

Each pizza is hand stretched to order and topped with carefully chosen fresh ingredients including locally grown basil, English mozzarella, single estate grown olive oil and Italian San Marzano tomatoes

Frozen pizza

All our pizzas are made on site, and par-baked in our wood fired oven.   Freshly vac-pac’d, they arrive at our stockists freshly frozen.

When cooked, it retains it’s wood-fired quality, so you can taste it’s come direct from our restaurant.

Delicious cooked in a conventional oven at home and we’ve recently discovered it’s amazing in the air-fryer!

Eric's Pizza at Home Range


1. Margherita

Our version of the classic! Always the biggest seller, we make it with beautiful Fior di latte, Italian tomatoes, olive oil and fresh basil. Fior di latte is translated as “Flower of milk” meaning the finest quality of milk possible. The Mozzarella is cut into the baton shapes, traditional to this Neapolitan classic.

2. Garlic pizza

A sweet sticky jam of brown sugared shallots cooked with balsamic, harmonises with garlic, herbs and Fior di latte, Garlic bread taken to another level.

3. Napoli Salami.

Eric’s own recipe of spiced honey, with authentic Napoli Salami for Eric and Fred’s classic Italian salami pizza, with a kick.

EP At Home Stockists

Our frozen pizzas are now available in selected stores, click icon for details.

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